Donald Trump and Media

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Week 3 – Assignment

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Donald Trump: Media and Leadership in the 21stCentury

Before beginning work on this assignment, review the 2016 Person of the Year: Donald Trump (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. article from Time magazine for an example of a feature article.

President Donald Trump has occupied various roles over the years: a businessman, a reality television star, and, more recently, the president of the United States. In this assignment, you will assess how his previous roles influenced his campaign, the American public’s reception of his candidacy, and his chances of being elected. For this assignment, write a feature article on President Trump for a leadership magazine. In your article, appraise President Trump’s leadership roles using contemporary and historical leadership theories, paying particular attention to how traditional leadership styles contrast with President Trump’s more unconventional style. Evaluate how his ethics motivate his rhetoric and actions as a leader. You are encouraged to add images to your article to generate interest and make it visually appealing.

In your article,

  • Discuss how President Trump’s lack of political experience was unique for a presidential candidate.
  • Examine how President Trump utilized brand recognition, media coverage, and social media to mobilize millions of Americans to vote for him.
  • Formulate a hypothesis for what motivated President Trump to transform from businessman, to reality television star, and, finally, to president of the United States.
  • Explain the tactics President Trump uses to promote his set of ethics as those “right for America.”
  • Assess the potential implications of President Trump’s assertive (rather than collaborative) leadership style in gaining the support of Congress and American citizens.

The Donald Trump: Media and Leadership in the 21st Century paper

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