E-com 322, social media marketing, project (part 1) , 5 question

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Just you should answer the first 5 questions for (part 1) not the whole file.

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▪ All students are encouraged to use their own word.
▪ Your Assignment must include:
▪ Cover page and make sure to include the cover page with all information required.

One mark will be deducted if there is no cover page.

▪A title that well represents the content of your report.

▪ Table of contents.
▪ An opening paragraph.

▪ The main body of your report, which required analyzing a company’s use of social
media [All points must be related to the concepts raised throughout the course].

▪ A “References” section listing all sources included. And ensure that you follow the
APA style in your report.

▪ The minimum number of required references is 5.

▪ Use Times New Roman, 12 font size, 1.5 line space and adjusted text.

▪ Your report length should be between 2000 to 2400 words.

▪ You must check the spelling and grammar mistakes before submitting the assignment.
▪ Up to 20% of the total grade will be deducted for providing a poor structure of

Structure includes these elements paper style, free of spelling and grammar
mistakes, referencing and word count.

Assignment must be in word format only no PDF.

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