Effects of Business on Consumers and the Environment: Case Study: Perdue Farms

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Prepare: In
preparation for your first post in this discussion, you will become familiar
with the case of Perdue Farms by means of the material listed under Required
Resources (Generally). You will also find more material under Required
Resources (Per Subject Heading) because the specific task for this discussion
is to examine this case with an eye for any one of the following four subject
headings in business ethics: (1) the environment, (2) advertising, (3) consumer
safety and (4) moral responsibility. You must select one of these subject
headings and your selection will be the specific focus of your work for your
discussion. Accordingly, you will be responsible to complete the readings and
videos listed under your chosen subject heading.

Reflect: If you choose the environment subject heading, reflect on
the sheer density of chickens raised at any given time in the Perdue
facilities. The disposal of their discarded remains and their processing for
distribution, either individually and most definitely together, pose a number
of environmental concerns.

If you choose the advertising
subject heading, reflect on how the two videos on Perdue farms present the
sharp contrast between the way the company presents its product and the way in
which it has been discovered to run its chicken farms. Consider whether this is
an example of failure to provide truth in advertising and how you would support
such a stance.

If you choose the consumer safety
subject heading, reflect on the way in which chickens raised in factory farms
risks consumer safety. These might include (a) bacterial contamination, (b) the
effects of antibiotics on the meat that is consumed, or (c) the release of
adrenaline, cortisone, and other chemicals resulting from the acute stress endured
by factory farm animals, which then becomes part of the meat that is later
consumed by humans.

If you choose the moral
responsibility heading, reflect on the stewardship role that may fall upon
humans toward non-human animals. Can we utilize them as mere means to an end
(for entertainment, companionship, or food)? Or do we have special obligations
toward them (e.g., not to mistreat or torture them and to slaughter them
quickly and without stress) because they are sentient beings?

Once you have completed the
indicated readings and videos, reflect on the ethical theories that we have
covered in the discussions thus far and identify one that you want to apply for
your analysis in your discussion post.

Also, reflect on the regulations (or
lack thereof) in the factory farming industry in order to be able to examine
how our nation’s laws affect the operations of the business. You will need
to research the applicable laws on the factory farming industry

since Perdue Farms is an American corporation, reflect on the mixed economic
system in the United States in order to articulate the setting for the
operations of factory farming, and then, be able to analyze the ethical actions
of Perdue given this setting.

Write: In the first part of your initial post, you will need to
introduce the Perdue case within the particular subject heading that you have
chosen. In this introduction, you will also need to (1) articulate the relevant
characteristics of our mixed economic system and (2) present the regulations
for the factory farming industry. These will provide the setting for you to be
able to examine how the nation’s laws affect its operations.

In the
second part of your initial post, present your analysis of the problem in a way
that identifies which entities (Perdue as a corporation, the economic system in
the USA, the regulatory control of the state, or all of these) have a role in
the problem that you have presented. In your analysis, you must assess the
negative effects of the interplay between business activity and one of the
following: the environment, advertising, consumer safety, or corporate social
responsibility. Your focus must be an ethical analysis of this interplay, and
it must be well supported by reliable and/or scholarly sources by clearly
identifying the ethical theory that you are applying in your analysis.

Requirements for Your Initial Post:

  • Your initial post should be at least 400 words in length
    and have citations and references in APA notation
    . It should address
    the prompt in its entirety. This means that you should not split your
    response to the prompt in multiple posts. Your examination should be both
    thorough and succinct. This is a combination that demands time and
    thought, so give yourself sufficient time to draft and revise.
  • Please be advised that until you post, you will not see
    what your fellow students are posting. Once you submit your post, you will
    be able to view the posts from your other classmates. You can then proceed
    to reply to at least two different threads based on the required material
    for this discussion.

Your list of
references for your initial post should include the videos and the other
required reading material for this discussion, the Instructor Guidance, and any
other announcements presented to you by your professor. List all the course
material that informed your work in the list of references and cite these too
where appropriate. In addition, your references should include any other
sources that you consult to inform yourself (but not Wikipedia or similar

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