Essay Assignment—-At least 400 words

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Compose an essay on Chapters 20,21, and 22 using seven of the following terms within your discussion:

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senescence, infertility, fertility, menopause, hormone replacement therapy, mortality, morbidity, vitality, general intelligence, fluid intelligence, crystallized intelligence, analytic intelligence, creative intelligence, practical intelligence, stressor, avoidant coping, problem-focused coping, emotion focused coping, weathering, religious coping, midlife crisis, ecological niche, social convoy, family bonds, romantic partners, gay and lesbian partners, stepparents, adoptive parents.

1) Please bold print, underscore, or use all caps with the terms you choose in your essay.

2) Write your essay providing definitions and examples of your chosen terms.

3) Be sure to give some kind of discussion providing a summation of chapters 20, 21, and 22.

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