final reflection paper 4

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For the final reflection, you will write a reflective paper that is 1 to 2 pages long. All fonts should be “Times New Roman” (size 12), and the paper should be double spaced with 1 inch margins on all sides. Be sure to include references for the sources of the ecological footprint quiz (URL Address:

You will answer the following questions in your final reflection paper:

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  1. Calculate your ecological footprint again, incorporating changes you have made now that you have engaged in this course. Previous footprint results (carbon footprint) and updated foot print attached.
  2. How has your taking this course and mastering the material caused your ecological footprint to change?
  3. Which actions will you take after this class and what change will that make?
  4. For the following environmental laws, provide evidence to demonstrate whether or not the law is helping to protect the ecosystem of your region.
    1. Endangered Species Act
    2. Clean Water Act
    3. Clean Air Act
    4. Soil Conservation Act
  5. Which areas of environmental policy (state or federal) will you focus on in your choices (home/work/recreational)? Explain your reasoning. (Example: which policy would you be able to use if you were installing solar power, or buying new energy star appliances?)

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