gbs151 business ethics

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Prepare a paper identifying the methods used to reinforce ethical behavior in your workplace. Are the methods discussed successful? Why or why not? What could be done to make them more successful? If you are not currently in the workforce you may consider previous employment or any situation where you interact with others in a situation that might challenge ethical choices. Review the rubric associated with this assignment for specific grading criteria.

Format for all Ethics Assignments:

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Each ethics assignment should summarize the concepts learned and discussed in our class focusing on the current chapter(s). See the syllabus for my late assignment policy.

  1. Ethics assignments should be submitted using the appropriate APA or MLA formatting standards
  2. Do not use a cover sheet!
  3. Reports should contain 350 to 500 words
  4. Put your name, assignment title and date in the header of the document.
  5. Put the course number, section and page number in the footer of the document
  6. Your paper should be double spaced
  7. Use Arial or Times New Roman font, Size -12 point
  8. One-inch margins.
  9. Use Section Headings to separate major portions of your paper when appropriate

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