history of nursing research and its influence in evidence based practice ebp

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For this discussion board, choose one historical research occurrence/event Example topics could be Columbia University’s first doctoral program, the National Institute of Nursing Research (NINR), etc. Briefly define the occurrence/event as well as discuss what initiated the occurrene/event to occur (i.e. why did Columbia create a doctoral program; how did the NINR come to be). In addition, briefly state how this occurrence/event fostered or fosters nursing research and ultimately evidence-based practice.

For this assignment, post your thoughts in one to two well written paragraphs (250 words minimum). This post not only acquaints you nursing research history but also gives a demonstration of you writing skills. Your feedback will be used to improve your writing as we move forward in this class. Posts should be at least 250 words and written following the guidelines of APA (citations, references, and third person).

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