Iranian-US relations

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To: Members of the National Security Council

The President of the United States

Secretary of State

Secretary of Defense

National Security Advisor

Direction of National Intelligence

Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff

Secretary of Homeland Security

Assistant to the President for Economic Policy

US Ambassador to the United Nations

From: Aide to the President of the United States

Re: United States-Iranian Foreign Relations

Meetings will be held this week in forums in which the Council should formulate a strategy for approaching future US relations with Iran. The president’s administration is under criticism for its unwillingness to negotiate with Iran. Please review the TED Talk by IR scholar Bruce Bueno de Mesquita (17 minutes). Professor de Mesquita’s analysis is from 2009 but his arguments remain valid in light of the 2015 JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) also known as the “Iran Deal.”

What impact has the Trump Administration had in severing the US’s involvement in the deal? You may need to research the current Trump Administration’s position. Check out the website at for recent news on the issue.

The President would like for each member of the National Security Council to discuss his or her department’s or office’s primary interests and/or concerns in relation to Iran and to propose possible strategies to address these issues. After each member of the Council has express their opinions, a grand strategy should be outlined.

Before this strategy can be formulated, the following questions will need to be addressed:

1. What are the primary issues that need to be addressed in US-Iranian relations?

2. How might the United States address these issues?

3. What are the specific goals that the Council would like to see achieved in Iran and/or in US-Iranian relations? Which of these are most/least important?

Don’t forget to use the journal article reading (Pillar) from Week Seven to support your arguments. See Lessons – Week Seven – Readings and Resources. Also, what in this week’s readings on decision-making theories might be relevant to US-Iranian relations?

Your plan (at least 350 words) is due on Thursday at 11:55pm ET. Follow-ups in the forums (more than two – 150 words each) are due on Sunday at 11:55pm ET. Click here for a copy of the discussion rubric.

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