Marketing ( maximum 350 words)

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Assignment 3: This assignment relates to the market potential estimation methods described in the article, Waheeduzzaman (2008). Amazon has decided to enter country Country A. We have two very similar countries, Country A and Country B. Use the following information and (1) estimate market potential for Amazon in Country A using Chain Ratio Method and Method of Analogy, and, (2) comment on the difference in estimation.

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  • Number of households for Country A = 40 million.
  • Number of households for Country B = 36 million.
  • Percentage of households subscribing to in Country B = 22%
  • Percentage of households having Internet in Country A = 45%
  • Literacy rate in Country A = 97%
  • Percentage of households with substantial purchasing power in Country A = 71%

Rubric: Make sure that you address those questions/issues while writing/submitting your assignment. You should aim at completing each assignment in one page, no more than 350 words.

Assignments will be evaluated on the basis of the following criteria.

Specificity and relevance with respect to the questions asked-40%

Understanding of concepts discussed in the text/video, and, their application-40%

Organization and quality-20%

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