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This is an opportunity for you to reflect upon what you have learned about a specific topic from Ch. 12 and 13. Topics could be Generation Y, Baby Boomers, gender differences in consumer behavior, Hispanic American consumers, household influence, middle class and consumption, and so on. [PICK ONE TOPIC].

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Be sure to discuss your personal examples and introspection on the topic. This fulfills one of the course learning objectives, i.e., better understanding yourself as a consumer.

500-600 words

Three Grading Criteria:

1. You should demonstrate that you understand and are ready to discuss the key concepts and issues from the assigned topic in your paper. Be sure to cite the definitions of and past findings about the concepts from the textbook or other credible sources (5 points).

2. You should discuss your own personal example(s) to help you and your readers better understand the concepts and issues. In addition, your personal introspection should bring new understanding to the topic (5 points).

3. Your writing should be clear, well-composed, and free of spelling and grammar mistakes. It should also meet the following format requirements (5 points).

1) Create a title for your paper. Individual Paper #1 is NOT acceptable.

2) No need to provide a title page.

3) Must be typed in a word document; use double-spacing, 12-point font.

4) Include bibliography or references.

5) Use APA (American Psychological Association) writing style: Cite a source in parentheses after any quotations or after assertions that are based on a reading. Example of in-text citations: (Hoyer, MacInnis, & Pieters, 2018). Provide page numbers if you quote from an article or a book directly. For example, different from opinion leaders, market mavens are consumers “on whom others rely for information about the marketplace in general”(Hoyer, MacInnis, & Pieters, 2018, p. 298).

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