need help editing a team project

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Hello, I submitted the internal analysis part of our project that you did for me and now we have to edit it. My teacher has provided feedback and he wants us to edit the project. I will provide you all the detailed comment he gave on internal analysis. Please read it very carefully and follow the instruction because this is worth alot of percentage of the grade. I am going to send you all the instruction again so you can read it again before making changes.

Attached below is the main project requirements and project that we submitted( My part that I am supposed to do is only the internal analysis. So we have to read the comments about internal analysis and fix it). Below when you open the project doc you will see the whole project not just the internal analysis part but please only edit the internal analysis part.

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Professors comment:

Etsy: This is a nice draft. I have a few comments on its improvement.

1. First, you need to integrate different sections into a coherent whole. Some sections have good information, data, and analysis, whereas others may be weak. Your team needs to work together to make the final report coherent and consistent.

2. In the first introduction section, you do not need to compare Etsy with other firms. Instead, you need to introduce the firm. The mission statement part is short and weak. You need to provide some details about the various components of the mission statement – such as vision, values, and major goals. You can find related information from Etsy’s 2019 annual report (10k).

3. In the external analysis section, the five forces analysis and the industry life cycle analysis are weak. You need substantive information and data to enrich your analysis. For example, the risk of entry analysis does not sound right. Etsy and others in its category does have significant entry barriers against potential entrants – such as the size of suppliers and buyers, brand recognition, brand loyalty, and technological expertise and experiences. Michael’s and Joann might supply raw materials to vendors on Etsy. They could hardly become Etsy’s potential competitors.

4. In the internal analysis section, there are some nice information that could be useful for your team’s external analysis – the second section. Nevertheless, you need to read Etsy’s SEC 10k filing carefully. Etsy has two revenue sources – one is marketplace revenue and the other is service revenue.

5. Some parts in the internal analysis are not clear. For example, I simply cannot understand the first few sentences in the last paragraph on Page 14 – “Following its 2018 annual reports, the firm’s shows that its opportunity regarding online and retail spending was equal to 1.7 dollars. The value of online expenditure within this amount was equivalent to 249 billion dollars.”

6. In the internal analysis, use the resource and capability framework to assess the relative adequacies of Etsy’s resources and capabilities. The application of this model is absent from this draft.

7. In the internal analysis, we need a strategy canvas to compare Etsy with one of its major competitors. We need a figure as an appendix and explanations of it in the text.

8. In the fourth section – Business Proposal – section, we need to use the strategy canvas to propose an ideal “value curve” for Etsy. Again, a “value curve” is a line in a Blue Ocean Strategy Canvas. It is NOT about Etsy’s market value over time. In the third paragraph on Page 24, there is apparently a misunderstanding about the “value curve”. You need to use the four actions framework to propose an ideal value curve for Etsy. Please attach the figure in the appendices.

9. Please use in-text citations for key information from external sources. 10. Use the latest SEC 10k filing – the one for 2019.

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