need help with peers post: Read over your peers’ posts and respond to at least two of them with at least one fully developed paragraph. What is your reaction to their moment of persuasion? Would you

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need help with peers post:

Read over your peers’ posts and respond to at least two of them with at least one fully developed paragraph. What is your reaction to their moment of persuasion? Would you have done the same thing, or would you have approached the situation differently? Why or why not?

Peer 1

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As the only girl in a family of seven boys, sending me abroad for studies was a heavy decision to take. I come from a culture where women need to either be in groups or accompanied by their brothers or husbands for them to travel, as a security policy. The emotional aspect added to the fact that I am the last born and only daughter plus the cultural mentality worked against my request and many times, the only I received was a NO. Luckily my brothers and aunts were on my side; and after months of consistent and careful argument, my mother finally gave her approval, with the proviso that I traveled with one of my brothers.

The outcome was positive because it was a collective work. We led my mother to see the benefits of my going abroad and expanding my perspective of the world and the business sector—expertise that would greatly benefit our family business when I return. Knowing my character, mother knew it would take me some time to adjust to my new environment; hence, she made sure I was not alone during the process. My aunts’ backing guaranteed our victory because, in my culture, maternal aunts are second mothers and their opinion is highly esteemed. My fourth brother relocated from Virginia to Salt Lake City before our arrival to keep an eye on us and assist us in our transition. We were successful in our argument because we addressed my mother’s preoccupations regarding my request.

Peer 2

On a daily basis I argue with other employees on the best way of solving a problem or on performing a certain task, sometimes I start the argument, other times others start the argument with me, and there are moments when neither side is able to reach an agreement. One time I spot a group of workers installing (running) some ¾” Electrical Metallic Tube (EMT) on the same area I was working with my team. We already had a system going, a methodology to run the conduit with which we used less material, made less bends and made more progress more efficiently, but this other group did not. They installed unnecessary boxes on the walls and hanging from the ceiling, when there was no real need to, and they also made bends that were out of place. Additionally, they lacked the required hangers and fasteners for their run. I brought those issues up with them, and later on with their crew leader but to no avail, finally I brought it up to my foreman, but the issue was never solved, the decision was to leave it be.

This argument was unsuccessful for me, because not only I was not able to make them correct their ways, or make it easier for them, but also because nothing was done on the matter due to pressure passed down from our supervisors. I did everything I could think of, showed them how my team was doing it, pointing out where they were out of code and when a small change could make their run be more straightforward, simpler and easier to repeat room after room. Even though a couple of them understood and saw my point, the crew leader did not, and despite my foreman understanding and sharing my perspective, could not do anything because of the instructions brought from higher bosses.

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