Need rough draft fixed for rough draft

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I had you do this rough draft and my teacher gave me a zero. I attached the rough draft that you did for me, it needs to fixed and corrected, and may need to be re-done completely.

Here is the feedback from my teacher on the rough draft you did:

Linsey, you can’t have those two sides as they are both the same. Climate change means that we have altered the climate and it is changing and it is the same thing as global warming. WHEN I approved your title I told you to do GLOBAL warming fact or fiction and you need to change this as you would lose a lot of points for not having another side to it. You could also pick global warming Man made or just a natural occurrence but you can not have the title you gave as climate change and global warming is the same thing just a different definition. This has to be a TWO sided controversy.

Let me know when you fixed this.


Please re-do this and there cant be ANY bias in this. must use reference list i attached.

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