Non verbal self analysis paper home office environment

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Nonverbal Self-Analysis Paper

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Must be typed 12 point font.

Length of your paper is to be 5 to 6 pages and space 1.5.

Questions need to be typed and answered in complete sentences.

Cover sheet – Title, your name, course, date and staple paper together.

Use the internet for sources. Answers need to be detailed and complete. Cite sources. (MLA)


1. Analyze your home and or office environment.

(Ex: color, arrangement of furniture, type of furniture, theme, organized etc. and what does this mean.)

2. What does your appearance communicate about you?

(Style, colors, jewelry, hair, glasses, clothes, etc.)

3. How do I use my eyes to express myself?

(Sad, disappointment, happy, excited, bored,etc.)

4. How do you use touch?

(Handshake, hugging, kissing, pat on the back etc.)

5. Describe your kinesics.

(Posture, body type, gesture etc.)

On the attached picture

Iam an Asian from nepal. Black hair, brown eye

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