Please answer the following questions using the appropriate resource provided.

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View the ( I WILL ATTACH)Read through the scenario and answer the questions presented. When you have finished, answer one of the questions listed below.

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1. As Sue prepares to administer the chemotherapy, identify three ways that she can demonstrate to Jim her caring for Mrs. Levine.

  • Review Swanson’s theory of caring before you answer this question.
  • Table 2-2 presents the five categories or processes of Swanson’s theory of caring:
    • Knowing
    • Being with
    • Doing for
    • Enabling
    • Maintaining belief
  • The definition of “maintaining belief” is as follows: Sustaining faith in another’s capacity to get through an event or transition and face a future with meaning.
  • The subdimensions for maintaining belief include:
    • Believing in/holding in esteem
    • Maintaining a hope-filled attitude
    • Offering realistic optimism
    • “Going the distance”

2. What should Sue do to show her caring for Mrs. Levine 3 hours into the infusion?

  • Review the key points of this chapter before you formulate a response to this question:
    • Caring is the heart of a nurse’s ability to work with people in a respectful and therapeutic way.
    • Caring is specific and relational for each nurse–patient encounter.
    • For caring to achieve cure, nurses need to learn culturally specific behaviors and words that reflect human caring in different cultures.
    • Because illness is the human experience of loss or dysfunction, any treatment or intervention given without consideration of its meaning to the individual is likely to be worthless.
    • Caring involves a mutual give and take that develops as nurse and patient begin to know and care for one another.
    • It is difficult to show caring to individuals without gaining an understanding of who they are and their perception of their illness.
    • Presence involves a person-to-person encounter that conveys closeness and a sense of caring that involves “being there” and “being with” patients.
    • Research shows that touch, both contact and noncontact, includes task-oriented touch, caring touch, and protective touch.
    • The skillful and gentle performance of a nursing procedure conveys security and a sense of competence of the nurse.
    • Listening is not only “taking in” what a patient says; it also includes interpreting and understanding what the patient is saying and giving back that understanding.
    • Knowing the patient is at the core of the process that nurses use to make clinical decisions.

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