Psychology Research Paper *7 pages

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*For this paper you will need to select a well known psychologist and then write a profile exploring his/her life, theories, and career. This paper should include biographical information, specifics detailing his or her theories, particulars about any major experiments they conducted, their role or influence in psychology, and major critiques of their work. A list of famous psychologists can be found by clicking the button below. You may also choose another psychologist, but only with my approval.

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The paper is expected to be at least 7 pages in length. This includes the Title Page and Reference page. In addition, you must include at least 5 academic references with no more than 2 website references.
Please be incredibly mindful of plagiarism in submitting this assignment. Your paper will automatically be checked for plagiarism upon submission. I have included the following link to help you avoid plagiarism.

1. B.F. Skinner

2. Jean Piaget

3. Sigmund Freud

4. Albert Bandura

5. Leon Festinger

6. Carl R. Rogers

7. Stanley Schachter

8. Neal E. Miller

9. Edward Thorndike

10. A.H. Maslow

11. Gordon W. Allport

12. Erik H. Erikson

13. Hans J. Eysenck

14. William James

15. David C. McClelland

16. Raymond B. Cattell

17. John B. Watson

18. Kurt Lewin

19. Donald O. Hebb

20. George A. Miller

21. Clark L. Hull

22. Jerome Kagan

23. Carl G. Jung

24. Ivan P. Pavlov

25. Walter Mischel

26. Harry F. Harlow

27. J.P. Guilford

28. Jerome S. Bruner

29. Ernest R. Hilgard

30. Lawrence Kohlberg

31. Martin E.P. Seligman

32. Ulric Neisser

33. Donald T. Campbell

34. Roger Brown

35. R.B. Zajonc

36. Endel Tulving

37. Herbert A. Simon

38. Noam Chomsky

39. Edward E. Jones

40. Charles E. Osgood

41. Solomon E. Asch

42. Gordon H. Bower

43. Harold H. Kelley

44. Roger W. Sperry

45. Edward C. Tolman

46. Stanley Milgram

47. Arthur R. Jensen

48. Lee J. Cronbach

49. John Bowlby

50. Wolfgang Köhler

51. David Wechsler

52. S.S. Stevens

53. Joseph Wolpe

54. D.E. Broadbent

55. Roger N. Shepard

56. Michael I. Posner

57. Theodore M. Newcomb

58. Elizabeth F. Loftus

59. Paul Ekman

60. Robert J. Sternberg

61. Karl S. Lashley

62. Kenneth Spence

63. Morton Deutsch

64. Julian B. Rotter

65. Konrad Lorenz

66. Benton Underwood

67. Alfred Adler

68. Michael Rutter

69. Alexander R. Luria

70. Eleanor E. Maccoby

71. Robert Plomin

72.5.* G. Stanley Hall

72.5. Lewis M. Terman

74.5.* Eleanor J. Gibson

74.5. Paul E. Meehl

76. Leonard Berkowitz

77. William K. Estes

78. Eliot Aronson

79. Irving L. Janis

80. Richard S. Lazarus

81. W. Gary Cannon

82. Allen L. Edwards

83. Lev Semenovich Vygotsky

84. Robert Rosenthal

85. Milton Rokeach

88.5.* John Garcia

88.5. James J. Gibson

88.5. David Rumelhart

88.5. L.L. Thurston

88.5. Margaret Washburn

88.5. Robert Woodworth

93.5.* Edwin G. Boring

93.5. John Dewey

93.5. Amos Tversky

93.5. Wilhelm Wundt

96. Herman A. Witkin

97. Mary D. Ainsworth

98. Orval Hobart Mowrer

99. Anna Freud

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