Research MethodologiesIn this assignment, you will examine the importance of scientific methods and critical thinking in research.Using the Internet, research the following:Scientific methods in resea

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Research Methodologies

In this assignment, you will examine the importance of scientific methods and critical thinking in research.

Using the Internet, research the following:

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  • Scientific methods in research

  • Critical thinking in research


In 2007, a world famous violinist, Josh Bell, whose ticket prices averaged $100 each in a concert in Boston, played a $3.5 million handcrafted violin posing like a street musician in a Washington D.C. metro station. This experiment was done to note how many people would stop and listen to his beautiful performance. He made a mere $32 that day. The experiment concluded that very few people stop to appreciate the good things in their daily life.

Based on your research and the scenario, discuss the following about the methodology used:

  • Do you think the method used was scientific? Justify your answer.

  • Do you think any other method could be used to collect data to study such behavior? Why?

  • How does research shape the scientific field?

  • Have the steps of research been followed in the above experiment? Justify your answer.

Scientific thought involves critical thinking. Defining critical thinking is not as easy as it seems. Critical thinking is often referred to as thinking of unique ways of experimenting.

  • Do you think the above experiment involved critical thinking? Why or why not?

  • Define critical thinking in your own words and explain how it is used in research.

Media often takes advantage of such experiments. They could report experiments irresponsibly to make it saleable.

How can the above experiment be presented irresponsibly?

Submission Details:

  • Cite all sources in APA format, and attach a Report.

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