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I waan reaponse for each post with PAP references

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When anticipating and planning for shelter capacity, emergency managers and shelter planners should:

• Be familiar with and committed to meeting ADA requirements for general population care shelters

• Know the demographic profile of their community and understand the type of assistance that may be required by various populations during an emergency or disaster

• Establish a rigorous public education program with an emphasis on personal preparedness.

(The program should include information in accessible formats and languages to reach the entire community)

• Collaborate with stakeholders (see section above on Stakeholder Coordination)

• Ensure that emergency plans are a “living document” and are updated with a predetermined frequency, as well as after any major event

• Establish mutual-aid agreements and memorandums of understanding with neighboring communities that can provide additional emergency resources in the event that local shelters are destroyed or damaged

and to make other members of the community more sensitive to the accessibility needs of others we as emergency planners should educate and promote the importance of helping other community members who are in need of helping. And that is comes in forms of text messages, social media platforms, public figures, flayers and emergency alerts. Typically to have the better outcome of this we should be doing this before the emergency alerts starts, in the preparation phase.


The US department of justice has worked with many local and state governments to help them get into compliance with Americans with Disabilities Acts (ADA). In so doing the ADA requirements have been made federal laws and thus must be complied with. The following local resources can be helpful in making a shelter compliant with ADA requirements (Harris et al., 2014).

The most overlooked yet very essential resource is the people themselves. This refers to the people with disabilities in a specific area. Asking or rather consulting them on the challenges that they experience and on useful remedies in their day to day activities can provide a major breakthrough in dealing with the troubles they face.

Local centers for independent living and state-wide disability is a good resource in aiding a jurisdiction make shelter complying with ADA standards. These centers are run and operated with people with disability and aim at reaching to un served people as well conducting research and education on the issues they face. (Johnson, et al., 2012)

In addition to local centers, Business Technical Assistance centers are well equipped community or state based organizations that provide training and technical assistance and even a free hotline to people with disabilities. These include assistance in areas of altering shelter so as to fit in with the ADA requirements. (LeBlanc et al., 2010)

Members of a community need to be sensitized about the accessibility needs of others at a personal level so as to appreciate what is required of them and what allow them opportunity to participate from an informed point of view. This includes creating community programs that promotes their interaction with people with disabilities so that they can see and understand the challenges that others face. This way they become wide awake on concerns of other people

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