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You’ve probably guessed it already, but, this week we’re going to be looking at technology for our PESTEL journal.

As you’ve seen from reading about Porters 5 Forces, technology can be a major disruptor to business as usual, and it is often overlooked when considering competition or strategy. As we saw in previous weeks, taxis not considering Uber in the early stages made investments that will likely never pay off.

Now it’s time to go to SLACK and see what you and your classmates have flagged from the paper as things that may be important to consider, and edit it down to the ones you think are the most significant.

The instructions below are exactly the same as previous weeks.


At this point I’m going to ask you to view the relevance of these topics from the perspective of one of two (conveniently gender neutral) people:

Pat – the owner / operator of a 200 seat upscale restaurant in Aspen, Colorado


Ray – the owner / operator of a 250 room upscale independent hotel in Houston, TX.

I’m going to ask you to do a number of projects from the perspective of Pat or Ray, so when you select one of those view points, you’ll need to stick with it through all assignments.


Review the articles in the Technology section of SLACK from the perspective of Pat or Ray.

Select two articles that present an opportunity for you to increase the bottom line of your business. To use a fictitious example, if there was an article about people eating worms in an attempt to be “green” you may wish say there’s an opportunity for restaurants to offer worms menu.

Next, select two articles that present the biggest threat to your business – so two opportunities and two threats.

The format of your journal entry should follow this template:

Repeat for Opportunity 2, Threat 1, and Threat 2

Your bullet points should include actual data points from the article if available. For example:

  • Worms provide 63% more protein than beetles
  • 93% of Americans think worms taste like chicken
  • Worm protein is 375% cheaper than beef, and produces 1/10th the greenhouse gases.
  • 4 out of 5 dentists recommend eating six worms a day to combat receding gums

Please type or paste your journal entry directly into ulearn – no attachments.

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