Sports Marketing Mascot

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this discussion we will dive into an ethical area of sports marketing.
There is a great deal of controversy over the names of certain sports
mascots and teams. For example some people have issues with using
Native American names for mascot or team names. Some examples are the
Washington Redskins, the Chicago Blackhawks, the Cleveland Indians or
the Kansas City Chiefs? Others may have issues with names such as the
Titans, Spartans, Trojans or Crusaders? This also includes gender issues in names such as the Warriors and the Lady Warriors? Please share your thoughts on the following:

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-Discuss whether you feel the names of sports teams or mascots is an ethical issue for sport marketers to address.

sports leagues have the ability to force teams to change their name if
it is offensive to some of their fans? Why or why not?

are your thoughts about this controversial issue? Should some sports
teams consider changing their team names and/or mascots?

this is a discussion and we are here to learn and speak openly.
Remember that we must be considerate and respectful, but we can disagree
respectfully. That is what makes ethics so interesting and such an
important topic for us to consider.

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