Storyboard: Compare two stories on The English Renaissance , assignment help

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compare two major readings listed below: find a key subject they both have example love,hate, power, money, greed….

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I’ve attached an example on how its supposed to look like. if you have questions please ask me! there are two parts to this assignment posted below. the story board and then the précis. I’ve attached an example for both of them!

The précis

  • contains at least 600 words, not counting the words in the annotated bibliography
  • explains, in a focused and clear manner, the essential goals of your project: what you have attempted and achieved, problems and solutions, signal discoveries, and so on
  • includes a statement of the project’s “governing idea,” or thesis
  • summarizes the storyboard’s development of that governing idea without repeating the text in the storyboard itself
  • as an addendum, create a list of the online resources consulted – at least 5 – and annotates that list, using MLA format

The storyboard

  • A storyboard with a title panel and at least 10 (and no more than 12) additional panels
  • Every panel (including the title panel) contains both text and image
  • The source of every image or textual borrowing is credited on the panel itself
  • The subject of the storyboard is narrowed sufficiently so that it can be treated effectively in the length of the project
  • The storyboard compares two or more major readings for the course in terms of a focused idea about how they share and present the narrowed subject you have selected; the comparison may be constructed as either an argument or an explication (review the difference, as described in an earlier course unit).
  • The panels trace the progress of a focused idea about the subject
  • The project is supported by online research and at least 5 objective and academically authoritative resources are used; the resources are listed and annotated in the précis
  • The storyboard is accompanied by a précis of at least 600 words that accomplishes the objectives listed below (see above)

here is the list of readings:

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