target audience assignment

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Company: Quiet Storm – Delray Beach

The next step in the process is selecting a NARROW target audience and researching them.. knowing their buying behavior, their social media habits, who influences them, etc.

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Even though your client may be able to appeal to a wide variety of people, the best social media plans are usually based on selecting just 1 target to start out with, and customizing a plan for just them. For example, how a 20-year-old shops and uses social media is very different from a 40-year-old women. They use different social media platforms, the have different influencers, search different hashtags, and have different advertising messages that appeal to them, etc.

Your job is to choose a target audience you feel is best for your client. Essentially there is no wrong answer IF you can back it up with proper research and provide evidence in the market’s potential. So choose who you feel is a viable audience for your client and one you think you can write to as well… from Millennial Moms to Generation Y college guys… all can work for your client with enough research and the right creative approach.

For your RESEARCH, you will have to continue to add to your paper. In announcements I have posted 2 items that may help you…

1. The standard advertising age brackets (to make your research easier)

2. 5 areas that define a target audience

Once you’ve completed your research, you should also create a FAUX-FILE, a loosely written story on a fictional character that represents your target audience. This is to make your target audience and all of your research more real for our classroom client. This should be included as part of your paper and also used in your paper presentation,

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