What are the common effects of the employee participation on the performance of the organization?

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TheStatement of the Problem” is a definition of what you will investigate in your action research project and identifies the steps to be taken to solve the problem identified in the “Background of the Paper”. An effective problem statement must answer the question “Why does this research need to be conducted?” According to Castetter & Heisler, (1984), the statement of the problem:

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  1. Is the formal process you will use to define your topic (subject area);
  2. Will clarify, outline, put limits and explicitly state the problem you are investigating;
  3. Identifies the dimension of the problem;
  4. Defines the research design;
  5. Determines literature sources and data collection;
  6. Influences data analysis techniques needed to explain the data;
  7. Focuses the findings on the purpose of the study and serves as a basis for discussing conclusions and making recommendations later on in the dissertation (all future analyses of data, presentations, findings conclusions and implications inherent in your study are all focused on the statement of problem);
  8. Answers the question of “what” is being done in your study;
  9. Must be supported with appropriate peer reviewed literature;
  10. Gives direction to your study; and
  11. Unifies all of the efforts you will undertake during the conduct of your study.

In 1-2 pages:

  1. State the reason why you chose to undertake this particular research study;
  2. A clear statement describing the problem, the concern, or “the something” that needs a solution, improvement, clarification or remediation”;
  3. Provide evidence that supports the existence of the problem;
  4. Suggest what might have led to the problem and other probable causes related to the problem
  5. A clear description of the setting, locale or environment in which the problem is situated;
  6. Explain why the perceived problem needs an answer. Your statement must answer why such problem exists. Possible answers could be:
  7. There is a lack of clear or complete information in a discipline.
  8. Little or no research on a particular topic
  9. There is some research, but, but it has not been applied to enough samples or in enough situations to be considered a reliable phenomenon
  10. Research abounds, but the findings are contradictory
  11. Several theories explain the same phenomena but recommended or predict different outcomes.

A sample statement of the problem is provided by Black (2003), pp 1-2.

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