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Assignment 3 required in syllabus, I will attach my submitted assignment 1 & 2. THREE THEMES & SIX SOURCES REQUIRED.

You should aim to have at least 6 SOURCES(IMPORTANT). That should be TWO PER THEME and you should write about 3/4 to 1 page per theme. Your goal is to show what major ideas have come from previous research.

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First, please remember that your submitted assignment should be in essay format. The exercise that we did in class was just to give you a starting point for how to think about the assignment and how to start integrating information. Second, please remember to edit carefully and use the margin and font guidelines as outlined in the syllabus. Finally, remember to organize your essay-format assignment 3 around the themes you will be looking at. You can use section headings for this, so your paper could look like:


Your Name
Date Due


This is a brief introduction paragraph to set up what you will be talking about, based on the academic articles that you are using. It does not have to be long. You should have a statement that outlines the major themes.

Theme One

This is where you discuss your first theme. Here, you will tie all of the relevant authors together to talk about one theme. It is a good idea to bold and/or italicize your subheadings (that would be these ones).

Theme Two

Now you move on to your next theme. Remember to only cover what is relevant to the theme, using authors to illustrate what has been done before the project that you are proposing in your final paper.

Theme Three

Again, this is a discussion of the literature (academic articles) relevant to a third distinct theme.

You can wrap up with a brief concluding statement at the end of this section.

For this assignment, you will begin thinking about your major themes and your literature review. This should be a three- to five-page review of some of the literature that is relevant to your topic. Base your writing around three themes relevant to your topic. For instance, if you want to study education as a major topic, you might be interested in family dynamics, gender, and immigration. You will center your writing around these themes, using academic research to build a case and make points about the state of your topic in American Culture. You should include a bibliography with this assignment.

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