Your paper must be: TypedIn 12 pt. , Times New Roman fontWith 1 inch marginsOn white background, in black font3-5 FULL pages, not a sentence more or less (5 pages recommended)Double-spaced evenly thro

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Your paper must be:

  • Typed
  • In 12 pt. , Times New Roman font
  • With 1 inch margins
  • On white background, in black font
  • 3-5 FULL pages, not a sentence more or less (5 pages recommended)
  • Double-spaced evenly throughout (correct the extra 10 point spacing that Microsoft Word puts between paragraphs)

Regardless of your citation style, your heading must be single-spaced, and include only your name, the date, and the assignment title. Do not include a title page. You must include a works cited page with your paper, which is not included in the page limit (this is different from a reference list or bibliography). You must incorporate a minimum of 3 sources, from 2 different types of sources (text, internet, books, and articles). The use of Wikipedia is not permitted whatsoever, and may result in an automatic 0 on this assignment, even if properly cited. Other than these guidelines, you may use APA, MLA, or ASA style, but you must pick one style and stay consistent throughout.


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-What is a minority group? Explain how race, ethnicity, religion, and gender constitute the basis for minority group status: What is a racial, ethnic, religious, and gender minority? Why are people subordinated based on these factors?

-What are other factors that are used to subordinate groups of people? List and explain at least 3 other types of minority groups (besides race, ethnicity, religion, and gender).

-What steps, both legal and social, have been taken to elevate the status of minority group members? Research 2 laws and 2 organizations that were made to help minority groups. Give a detailed history of each law/organization, and explain which group it has helped and how. (This is where you show me you did your research- it will be the largest part of your paper.)

A successful paper will:

  • Show that you know what the terms race, ethnicity, religion, gender, and minority/subordinate group mean. Clearly incorporate your understanding into the essay
  • Have good readability, flow, and coherence
  • Contain proper grammar and use of in-text citations
  • Provide evidence with strong supporting detail
  • Be appropriate in the quality and tone of the paper
  • Use appropriate academic sources (no .coms, be cautious with .orgs, .edu is acceptable)
  • Present a clear and effective introduction, analysis, and conclusion

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