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Need total 5 full pages, word count at least 1500

Detailed writing instruction is post in the attached file, please check.

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Materials: 3 texts + 3 images

To what extent and under what conditions do images distort and manipulate reality? To what extent do they reflect reality and offer us a privileged access to it? Present a variety of perspectives on this question, using at least three (3) of the following texts: John Berger, Ways of Seeing Roland Barthes, “Rhetoric of the Image” Abigail Solomon-Godeau, “The Other Side of Venus” Joseph Koerner, “On Monuments” Alison Ketterling, “Ter Borch’s Ladies in Satin” André Bazin, “The Ontology of the Photographic Image” Roland Barthes, Camera Lucida Georges Didi-Huberman, “Four Pieces of Film Snatched from Hell” James Clifford, “On Collecting Art and Culture” In addition, discuss three (3) images/works that we looked in this class (including those found in the weekly images on Canvas and those reproduced in the textbooks), as evidence. When citing the texts, be sure to attribute properly and provide the page number. For instance: In Ways of Seeing, John Berger argues that “[insert exact quote by Berger].” (Berger, p. 45) You do not have to provide additional bibliography

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