Choose a nationally known business and define who their target markets are

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Choose a nationally known business for which you have some experience with, knowledge of, and/or you respect as a well run company. That business can be a restaurant, a retail store, or any other organization you find intriguing. Do online research and find credible resources that define who their target markets are. You will need to go to the specific business’s web site for insight. You will also want to go into sites that assess this segment of the market. Add any insights of your own at the end of your posting. Define this organizations market in terms of region and target demographics (age, gender, income, psycho graphics, business persons or recreational) of their customer base. Also see if you can define who, what, or where they have little to no customer base and why?

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Forum Instructions:

Students should provide attribution for another author’s words or ideas. Any format is acceptable as long as the resource can be found by their peers (a hyperlink is best).

Minimum word count for each week’s initial posting is 275 words

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