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Below is the Template that I must used. Here are the instructions:

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Using the scenario described in the Overview of the course project(located to bottom), imagine you have decided to develop an educational pamphlet for the families of your clients. Select one addictive behavior for the focus of this pamphlet (such as alcohol, stimulants, gambling, anorexia, et cetera). I have chosen Alcoholism

Be sure that the pamphlet is written so that it is easily understood by the lay population, remembering that people who are in distress do not comprehend as well as people who are calm.

Include the following sections in your pamphlet:

  • Explanation of a leadership theory that will be used to provide services to this population.
  • Explanation of the demographics of this population.
  • Explanation of specifics of a particular addictive behavior including symptoms.
  • Explanation of how ethnic, cultural, legal, and ethical factors impact addictive behavior.
  • Explanation of current trends to treat the addiction.

Review the assignment scoring guide, linked in the Resources. Create a pamphlet using the template provided in the Resources. These pamphlets have six columns of writing for you to fill. You may use some images, but the bulk of your work is writing to create a distinguished pamphlet. The template gives specifics to ensure your success in this assignment. Read the tips in the pamphlet. Make sure you have at least five resources for the clients to access. When you post your work in the assignments area, share what your challenges are locally, how you would address them, and what you would want to do to improve or add to your pamphlet.

Focus strongly on the impression this pamphlet will make on your audience. Step in their shoes: what do they need and what will they want? You should respond in an empathetic, educated, leadership mode that convinces the consumer that they should work with you. Terminology is necessary, relating to the consumer is critical, so address these topics specifically with your chosen audience. Contact your instructor with any questions or concerns.

Scenario OVerview: imagine that you are the Director of Outreach for an addictions treatment center. The center is located in your county of residence. In order to successfully complete the assignments, you will need to research the demographics of the population that you serve; the resources available in your locale that pertain to addictive behavior; and statistics regarding substance abuse, addictive behaviors, eating disorders, et cetera.

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