gen499 week 1 intro RESPONSE ap

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Hello, fellow classmates!

My name is Allison Peavyhouse. I am 22 and I live in Sanford, NC, with my husband and three fur-babies. While I attend Ashford, I work as a freelance photographer (here is my website if you find the time to take a peek: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. ), but I hope to find myself within a public library once I finish up my education (since getting a position in the libraries around here is extremely difficult unless you have a degree in the field—even volunteer positions). Before I attended Ashford, I graduated from Richard Bland College of William and Mary in Petersburg, VA.

Three skills that I have gained throughout my general education courses are as follows:

Critical Thinking Skills:

Every course that I have taken has pushed me to utilize different critical thinking abilities. I learn with every class and with every professor that you cannot just skim the surface if you wish to find the meaning of something. You have to dig deep and really try. I have never been the type to wait until last minute to complete something, and I grow with every course I take in learning that the more effort you put into something, and the more you critically delve into the information, you will come out remembering and utilizing that knowledge in the future.

Research Skills:

I have been writing large research papers since my senior year of high school. My time at Ashford has also grounded into me the importance of proper and informative research, and it will definitely prepare me for a career within the library. I plan on helping others see the importance of using proper resources, organization, asking the right questions, etc. Learning how to research for assignments has also guided me to become a more informed person in general.

Communication/Collaboration Skills:

I have always been a social butterfly in my everyday life, but I was terrified of talking to strangers online and speaking my mind. Throughout my courses online, and some that I took previously in person, I realized the importance of communicating ideas and opinions; sometimes debates are necessary in order to reach understanding. I feel that in the career I wish to pursue, it is critical for me to collaborate with patrons, students, teachers, parents, and colleagues. I now know how to ask questions and get to know someone’s needs through proper communication. Discussion boards and speech courses are just two examples of what has pushed me to overcome my fear of verbalization in order to truly gain understanding.

Thanks for reading, and good luck to you all!

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