Motivational Speech Topic Proposal

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  1. Define the topic or problem you hope to tackle in this speech. Make the case for why this is a problem that can be addressed through individual action, rather than through larger societal changes (e.g., making a policy).
  2. Address your audience members’ perceptions of this topic. In addition to their viewpoints, address the obstacles and misconceptions that might deter people from action. If the class falls into clear segments, address the challenges of tailoring messages to each subgroup of the class.
  3. Identify one, two, or three specific actions you may ask members of the class to undertake. Follow guidance in the Choosing Actions Keyword to demonstrate these actions are sufficiently specific.
  4. Explain why these actions would be realistic for audience members to take. Also address whether you can reasonably persuade people to take this action in just 4 to 6 minutes.
  5. Explain why the actions you propose would allow audience members to make a meaningful difference.
  6. Which organizational pattern will you use to organize your speech? Offer rationale for why this pattern is a fitting choice for your content? (See “Arranging a Motivational Speech” keyword to help you with this prompt.)

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