Protesting social art

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Create a work of art that conveys a point of view on a social issue. You will not be judged on your topic or your point of view.

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You will assessed on your ability to make a convincing argument through visual means. Would your artwork convince someone who did not already have your point of view?

Your work of art can be in any medium EXCEPT a collage or photograph. Both of these methods limit your ability to show your contribution to the final product.

Your work will be evaluated on the thought you put into composition. You should clearly have thought about HOW you used at least three elements and/or principles (see Formal Analysis Guide).

In addition to at least one image of your work, you should include a brief description of your work stating what you were trying to do, how you used the elements and principles, the process you went through, and how successful you believe your work to be.

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