TFM160: Cinema as Art

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Chapter 5 My Movie Log #1 Analysis of the Mise-en-Scène in Rear Window

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Preparing for the My Movie Log:

Read and review the “Chapter 05 Screening Checklist” to help you focus your eye and analytic tools on mise-en-scene. Be sure to read through this checklist before you view Rear Window. The video tutorial “Composing the Frame” is also an essential resource for approaching this prompt.

The My Movie Log Prompt:

As you watch Rear Window… be aware of a stand-out moment (one shot or short sequence) – consider a moment that evokes a strong emotional response from you — and analyze that moment focused on the filmmakers’ use of mise-en-scène. Use the “Chapter 05 Screening Checklist” to help guide and focus your analysis – you don’t need to answer all of the checklist questions or incorporate every element and aspect of mise-en-scène in your analysis. You can focus your analysis on any one or more of the “Chapter 05 Screening Checklist” questions. Keep your analysis focused on mise-en-scène (on the visuals rather than the sound), and edit/focus your analysis within the targeted word count.

(target 250 words)

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