1st person POV

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A) Analyze each story assigned for this module in terms of POV and perspective. (All of these stories are written in 1st person POV, but the writer’s choice of narrator (perspective) necessarily affects the story being told.) Your analysis should address why you think each author made the choices s/he made in terms of pov, perspective, character centrality, and temporal distance. (What motive/stake does the character seem to have in telling the story? How does it affect him/her? To what degree is the story about the narrating character vs. about someone/something else? If the story seems to be about someone else, what is revealed about that character and the narrating character by the narrator’s choices in which information to share?)

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B) Pick one story and imagine at least two changes (in terms of pov, perspective, character centrality, or temporal distance)–determine how the changes might affect the story in question. What might we gain? Lose? How would this affect other elements of the story and the reader’s experience overall?

C) Peer question


– peer respond

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